What is this site about?  There are now many sites devoted to flash fiction and many of which contain advice on how to write flash fiction, flash non-fiction and flash-memoir (AKA flash writing). Flash fiction has really exploded in popularity since I began researching and writing my book in 2004. There are now hundreds of paying markets and contests for flash writing.  It has been featured in mainstream publications such as Wired and O Magazine. Themed collections of flash fiction are now commonplace. What was once considered to be a “niche market” (which was the reason the marketing department of Writer’s Digest books provided for rejecting my book in 2004) has now gone mainstream.

Comet McNaught © by voyagernz

This site will aggregate this information and provide you with solid content on the flash writing arena through the following objectives:

  • Generate original content on how to generate ideas for, write, revise and publish flash writing.
  • Report relevant news and information of interest to flash writers.
  • Review flash writing markets and contests and provide links to them.
  • Interview authors, editors and scholars of flash writing so you can learn more about what makes it work.
  • Become a portal filled with links to other articles, sites and markets for all forms of flash writing.
  • Provide writing tips to speed up the writing process, defeat resistance and help you get your writing done “in a flash.”
  • Occasionally insert a little Shameless Self Promotion to alert you to my upcoming products, presentations and occasional praise.

These goals may evolve and change over time, but this is where I want the focus for Flash Writing to be right now. I’m still experimenting with the look and feel of the site, so bear with me during this learning process.  I’m tired of waiting until I get everything just “perfect” and I’ve been anxious to get this started, so add me to your RSS Feeds, follow me on Twitter and I promise to deliver interesting, informative, flash writing-related content several times a week.


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