This project portfolio is just a small sample of the work that I’ve delivered to satisfied customers in a wide range of industries.

Information Technology Projects

Cascade Systems Technology

Cascade Systems Technology (CST) is a premier electronic contract manufacturing company specializing in Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) in Hillsboro, Oregon. CST provides electronic contract manufacturing solutions for industries such as aerospace, energy, medical device, semiconductor, manufacturing, and many others.

Completely rewrote all copy on this website:

Also wrote all content for the CST Blog: Here are a few examples of the blog posts I wrote: 

Starnet Data Design, Inc.

B2B technology and network solutions consulting company providing network infrastructure, security, convergence, and consolidation services. Rewrote copy on most pages

Blog Posts

Other IT Projects

Documentation Template and Standards

Developed and delivered a versatile document template to be used for the IT shared services group for a $4.8 billion women’s retail apparel company with 6 brands to document standard operating procedures, runbooks, training documents, and more to be used for corporate SharePoint sites. This document also includes documentation process, document naming conventions, and guidelines on how to use the template.

Technical Installation Guide

Wrote this technical manual for one of my employers for the installation of a data mediation product on an IBM-AIX platform.

White Paper

Delivered this white paper at the request of a leading IT release management automation provider to support their webinars and online content.

User Guide (first three chapters)

Wrote this user guide for a trouble ticket manager function for the Lucent ACTIVIEW suite of products. Created the template for this product as well as a style guide for keeping all of the documentation for these products consistent.

Flow Chart

This is one of many flow charts developed that documented work process flow and then expanded into standard operating procedures and training materials.

User Guide

This is a user guide for contextual-based help for the ComverseONE product.

Industrial B2B Projects

Tekwell Services

Tekwell Services offers full service and repair for industrial motors, drives, and pumps. From fractional horsepower to medium voltage, Tekwell has the skills and equipment needed to repair, test, and install machinery while ensuring peak efficiency and reliability for customers all over the Southeastern United States.

Completely rewrote all copy on this website: 

Getec Industrial

We are a full-service turnkey manufacturer providing turnkey aluminum manufacturing services such as precision metal stamping, rapid prototyping, and custom CNC machining for aluminum just to name a few.

Completely rewrote most of the copy on this website:

Matrix Systems

Sells and services SmogHog mist filtration, DustHog dust filtration, and PSG commercial kitchen exhaust filtration products. We also provide a variety of other mist media filtration products and dust media filtration products. Matrix Systems provides dust collector replacement parts, SmogHog parts, and filters. They are also a complete SmogHog service provider including equipment and airflow testing, component cleaning and exchange, as well as provider for the proprietary Smog Hog SP7 detergent concentrate for automatic wash systems.

Completely rewrote all copy on this website:

All-Pro Technical Service

All Pro Technical Service, Inc. provides high-quality, specialized service for continuous inkjet printers with quick response time at a fair price. All Pro now provides repair services and supplies for Linx, Leibinger, Squid and Polytij industrial inkjet printers and the Luxinar (formerly Rofin) and Xymark laser marking systems, as well as sells new and refurbished equipment from these vendors.

Epcon Industrial Systems

Epcon Industrial Systems is a global leader in developing new and innovative air pollution control technology and industrial heating equipment. Epcon specializes in custom designing and manufacturing pre-engineered and pre-tested air pollution control systems.


Ducon is a leading global engineering & construction firm providing custom engineered solutions in environmental control, renewable energy, infrastructure, and plant maintenance. Ducon provides services to clients globally in a wide variety of industries, such as chemical, refineries, cement, power, steel, mining and infrastructure.

B2B Marketing & SEO Projects

Search Marketing Resource

Search Marketing Resource is a full-service digital marketing agency providing a complete suite of search engine optimization (SEO) services including keyword research, point-per-click ads, SEO optimized web copy, blog posts, social media content creation and management, press releases, and much more

Creative Thinking for Writers

Creative Thinking for Writers explores creative thinking and how it works to help writers come up with ideas for stories, articles, poems and nearly every other written project. Creative Thinking for Writers combines research, personal anecdote, resources, reading, and creative writing exercises to find ways to inspire, encourage and most of all provide ideas on how to TAKE ACTION on finding ways to make your creative writing dreams come true. This SEO optimized site is designed to support a series of eBooks and online classes about these subjects.

Wrote copy for all pages on the Creative Thinking for Writers website.

Other B2B Marketing Projects

Proposal and Profile

Awarded a six-figure contract with the State of Michigan with this proposal and profile targeted to meet the specific requirements established by the state for a high-end, boutique, technical services provider that specializes in delivering project management/business analysis on complex, multi-year, multi-million dollar, high visibility projects for state government.

Marketing Copy

Wrote this copy for the client’s annual campaign to recruit new members and coordinated content with the project managers and board members for this deliverable.

Landing Page

Designed and wrote landing page copy for a large HVAC installation and repair company to serve as the cornerstone of their Google Ads and Facebook Ads campaigns.

Healthcare Industry Projects

Primary Care Physicians of Florida

PCP of Florida is a healthcare practice with 13 locations serving the areas of Hollywood, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, and surrounding areas in South Florida. PCP provides a wide variety of medical services with a focus on senior health care. These services include cardiology, audiology, dental, eye care, podiatry, gynecology, diabetes care, pain management, weight management and much more.

Lift & Care Systems

Lift & Care Systems provides durable medical equipment such as stairlifts, patient lifts, and transfer devices, wheelchair ramps, handicap showers, and much more. Lift & Care caters to residential homes, semi-professional homes (group homes, day programs) and professional institutions (nursing homes, hospitals, and schools).

B2C Projects

Build Your Own Garment (BYOG)

BYOG is a full-service custom apparel and branded promotional products company that focus on the education, athletic, and corporate markets.

Bedrock Orlando

Bedrock Industries is a full-service masonry supply house that manufactures concrete block, concrete brick, decorative concrete pavers and retaining wall in a dedicated block manufacturing facility. They sell clay brick, clay pavers, natural stone, and manufactured stone. Bedrock also has a full-service product showroom and provides a wide variety of masonry tools and supplies for both contractors and DIYers.

Other B2C Projects

Marketing Copy – Product Label

Wrote label copy for this product, worked with a graphic designer to develop the logo and overall look of the product line and created unique content for these creativity tools.  There are 4 different products in the JumpStart Jar line with 1 more in progress.

eBook – Intro and First Two Chapters

Wrote, designed the layout for the book, worked with writers to get permission to include their stories in the book to use as examples of writing techniques, and worked with a designer to create the cover for the book.


Handled all aspects of this project, the writing, design, and layout of this brochure.  It was the cornerstone of a campaign to attract new students in the Central Ohio area to the client’s adult education program.

Video Script

Wrote this script for a historical retrospective on the buildings of the Decorative Arts Center of Ohio, researched the history surrounding the property and family, as well as conducted interviews that were videotaped as part of an educational video played in the DAC gallery.


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