Flash Writing: How to Write, Revise and Publish Stories Less Than 1000 Words Long

Flash Writing  the book that started it all!

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Mr. Wilson has done an excellent job conveying, encapsulated in just a few words, exactly what flash writing is and how to approach it, complete with marketing information. The only reason I’ve marked the review a 4 rather than a 5 is that I felt there could have been more detail in the informational craft section of the chapters without losing the clarity and overall effect of the concise explanations.

His chapters are divided and presented logically and the points are easy to follow. I believe this would be true for beginning writers who know nothing about flash fiction as it is for those who have published in the genre. I found the prompts and exercises in the DO IT! sections to be some of the most helpful I’ve ever used. They are quick inspirations that help hone technique. If writers learn to write excellent shorts, there is no place we can’t go when tackling scenes and chapters in longer works.

Finally, I thought the appendices were very useful. Not only are there good selected readings that demonstrate the principles set forth in the book, but also the web and book sources for information are well chosen.

I would highly recommend this book to fellow writers who wish to improve their craft or find a little inspiration. For flash writers, I think it is as essential a tool as Damon Knight’s Creating Short Fiction and Roberta Allen’s work. Happy writing to all!  Donna Johnson, Fayetteville, AR


I used the techniques outlined in Flash Writing to write my first short story in years.

Each chapter packs the practical “how to’s” with idea-provoking exercises. Whether you’re looking to think up stories, get them down on paper or prepare them for publication, this book has the goods.

Michael Wilson’s energetic approach will motivate you toward greater creativity and productivity. A must read for anyone serious about breaking into the flash fiction market.  Sammi Soutar, Columbus, OH


I have read dozens (and dozens!) of writing texts, but it was quite difficult to find an instructional volume on how to pen flash fiction. This book more than delivers. Don’t let the slim size fool you: each chapter is filled with direct, applicable advice and many prompts to kick-start your pen. I plan on using this text for a flash fiction writing class I’m teaching early in 2012. I have already read it twice and used several of the prompts to create two short short stories. A volume writers will want to recommend to friends and also to hold onto to inspire their own fiction writing.  Melanie Faith

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