Flash Fiction Writing Articles

There is a lot of good information about writing flash fiction out there. Here are just a few of the good articles I’ve stumbled across over the years. Check them out!

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What is Flash Fiction – wiseGEEK.com

What is Flash Fiction? From Cheek Teeth by Katey Schultz

10 Flash Fiction Writing Tips by J. Timothy King

6 Steps to Writing Flash Fiction by Paul Alan Fahey0

The Essentials of Micro-Fiction by Camile Renshaw

Article from Fiction Factor: The Online Magazine for Fiction Writers: Writing Flash Fiction by G.W. Thomas

Flash What? A Quick Look at Flash Fiction by Jason Gurley on writing-world.com

“What is Flash Fiction?”: Imagine You Were Born to Answer  by Randall Brown

How to Write Flash Fiction by Robin Shreeves on How to Do Things.com

Flashes On The Meridian: Dazzled by Flash Fiction by Pamelyn Casto

How Writing Flash Fiction Can Help You Become a Better Writer by AJ Humpage

Flash Fiction FAQs by William Highsmith via Writer’s Digest.com

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